With the vast amount of vendors we partner with, Merchants United is far more likely to find you the best products and the best merchant processing services when it comes to payment processing solutions.  Not every client of ours has the same tier of pricing because not every client accepts the same amount, nor the same types, of payments; whether Check, Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, E-Commerce, etc. A lot of online payment processing companies will put you on a basic standard rate plan which may look great on paper (a big trick of the trade in this business), but in the end, most are never transparent with the hidden fee’s involved. Merchants United, your trusted merchant service provider, reviews the fee structure with you and actually lists any other costs that may come into play along the way. We do this before we even sign you up. Like you, we don’t like surprises.  We are straightforward, honest, and transparent; and always have been.

Basically, we take the time to evaluate your business and the types of cards you might accept. By doing this we better understand your credit card processing needs before we even begin to quote you. We take into account your current sales volume, number of transactions, and more importantly the types of payments you routinely accept and how you accept them (whether in person, via phone, online or even manually entered.) All of these have huge roles in how we structure your pricing. This helps in making it a lot more competitive in the end and again, more true to what you actually need; thus making our quote more realistic when you get that first bill in the mail. No surprises. We need to make sure we understand your business before we can help grow your business… something other credit card processing companies rarely do, if ever, for their clients. Not only that, but we will actually sit down and explain your fee schedule if needed so you’re more informed about your payment processing options. It’s what we do; educate.